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  • Hermès ashtray

    A very attractive porcelain ashtray with a motif of insects.  Even for a non-smoker it makes a pretty dish.
    L 19.5cm (7.5")
    H 16cm (6")

  • Hermès Thermos

    An Hermès Thermos made in silver plate, in excellent condition.  Sure to keep the coffee hot!
    H 18cm (7")

  • Hermès scarf

    Champignons II by A Gavarni and F de la Perrière.

  • Hermès scarf

    Silk scarf 'La Provence'.

  • Hermès scarf

    1789 created in 1990 by Joachim Metz.

  • Carré Hermès

    Les Armes de Paris first created by 1954 by Hugo Grygkar.

  • Hermès scarf

    Napoleon designed by Philippe Ledoux.

  • Carré Hermès Palefroi

  • Hermès silk scarf

    'Perspective' by Cassandre

  • Carré Hermès Les Tuileries

  • Hermès scarf

    Pavois created by Philippe Ledoux.
    A design showing different naval ensigns.  The scarf dates from 1964.

  • Louis Vuitton game

    A limited edition game called 'Visionnaire'.  A puzzle with 16 cubes, each face of which has a different photo.  Designed for the Louis Vuitton Cup in 1999/2000, it is a limited edition.  There were five versions made, 6000 copies in total.  Each version was created by photographers from one of the competeing countries in the Cup. This one is number 219 and is the French version.

Showing 1 - 12 of 24 items