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  • Vuitton trunk

    A square trunk made by Louis Vuitton designed for hats, this one has been relined.
    H 53 cm (21")
    L 61cm (24")
    P 61cm (24")

  • Goyard suitcase

    A classic modern Goyard suitcase, the model is called the Malle Palace.  It is complete with key and was made in March 2016.

  • Car trunk

    A car trunk, designed to strap on to the back of a vintage car, made by Hall du Voyage, one of the many trunk makers of the time.
    The trunk dates probably from 1910-1925.

  • Checkerboard trunk

    A checkerboard or damier by maker unknown, datuing from around 1900.

  • Trunk by Innovation

    A wardrobe trunk dating from about 1920 originally designed for a left-handed person.

  • Music trunk

    A small trunk decorated with classical music scores and images of composers.

  • Louis Vuitton trunk

    A very rare Louis Vuitton trunk.

  • Fichet Cabin Trunk

    Fichet cabin trunk
    length: 80cm
    width: 49cm
    height: 32cm

  • Striped trunk

    A very impressive leather bound trunk from about 1880 with brass hardware and handles.  The trunk does not have a makers mark but is of very good quality and a rare size; 120cm.  The bottom is zinc lined and the bottom has been relined.

  • Goyard trunk

    A Goyard cabin trunk with leather trim and hardware in brass.  The bottom is zinc lined, suggesting travel to the tropics.  The interior has been relined.  It dates probably from 1910-1920.

  • Louis Vuitton trunk

    A lovely little gent's hat trunk dating from 1900 or so with the first Louis Vuitton monogramme in cotton. This was the age when one coould not go out without a hat.
    The interioir has been relined.

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items